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Buoyancy Clinic & Pool Time - March 31st

Join us for a Buoyancy Clinc to hone your skills in the water. Or just some wet time Saturday, March 31st

Manatee Trip 2018 - Report

Well, it finally happened.  After over 30 years of never failing to see a Manatee, this was the year we missed out. The Crystal River area is having the warmest February EVER recorded.  While that made for great temperatures for us (low to mid 80s) it […]

New Budget Nitrox Computer From Aqualung

Aqulaung has released the i100 wrist computer. A full function nitrox computer with full dive capabilities. Come see it in the store

Class Prices Going Down

Thanks to another year mwith more students and more equipment sales we are able to lowere our prices for classes. Don't worry if you already signed up for a class in 2018.  We'll refund the difference so no one loses out.

New Trivia Challeges

Our new version of the Trivia Challenge has started.  We've retired the Fish ID after over 2 years of you trying to decipher my hints.   It was great to come up with challenging hints and trying to make it fun for you and me. Now it's a […]