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Pepper's Ferry Report For Aug 13th

Pepper's was not at it's best this weekend. Due to the rains visibility was down to about 6 feet with an occasional increase.  Since it was overcast the visitbility was limeted. It might have been better if sunny. Temperatures were quite nice.  In the low 80s […]

Summersville & Blue Bend Updates

Summersville: We dove Summersville last Thursday with good results.  With almost no one there it made for good visibility and good dives. Visibility ranged from about 8 foot to 20+ (occasionally).  Temperatures were in the mid to upper 70s until the first thermocline at about […]

Pepper's Ferry Updates

Pepper's has been imroving over the last few weeks We ahve dove there about a half dozen times with good results. Visibility has remaind in the 8 to 12 foot range most dives.  It is very clear at the full range of visibility then just […]

Pepper's Ferry Report For April 22 & 23

Well, we tried to dive Pepper's Ferry.  Didn't work too well. The forecast was good for Saturday but marginal for Sunday.  On Friday, it became apparent there were going to be no dives on Sunday but Saturday still looked good. About 7:30 am Saturday morning […]