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Pepper's Ferry Report For April 22 & 23

Dive Sites KDunker Comments25 Apr, 2017

Well, we tried to dive Pepper's Ferry.  Didn't work too well.

The forecast was good for Saturday but marginal for Sunday.  On Friday, it became apparent there were going to be no dives on Sunday but Saturday still looked good.

About 7:30 am Saturday morning I went down to the river and things looked very good.  The river was flowing at an easily managed rate and the visibility looked great.  The entrances were clear and firm.

By the time I got to the store to meet with the group things were changing rapidly.  The current had picked up significantly and was already marginal and still rising.  Rather than take a chance on driving all the way there for probably no good reason, I decided to cancel the dives.  It turned out to be the best decision for the class.  Within an hour conditions had become unsafe for most divers and soon after even the most experienced divers  could not have made a dive.

The forecast was for a maximum of 8.5 gauge height.  The actual reached was 16.78, well into flood stage.  From the picture yu can see that the entire parking lot was covered to about 4 feet.  The water continued  to rise for about 9 more hours after this picture was taken.  By  the time it crested, the water had risen almost another 5 feet.  And those signs?  All under water.

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