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BONAIRE 2018 AIRFARE Air For Our Thanksgiving Trip 2018

We have secured a limited number of seats (15) for airfare to Bonaire for our Thanksgiving trip.

We fly out of Charlotte very early Nov 17th (Saturday) morning and arrive in Bonaire mid-afternoon.
Our return flight leaves Bonaire late afternoon and gets to Charlotte very late Nov 24th (Saturday) night.

Pricing right now is $1199.00 per person.  We will continue to look for better pricing if it comes available.  We will notify everyone if we find a better deal.

Advantages of Bulk AIr:

  • Fixed price (unless we find a better one).  No sudden jump in airfare.
  • Payment for airfare not due until end of August.  No requirement to pay in full at booking.
  • Transportation to the resort with the group. 
    • Transportation for those not with the group may be delayed until additional passengers arrive.
  • We will be there to help with any travel problems.
  • No additional deposit required. $100.00 of your original deposit will be used for the airfare deposit.
  • No sticker shock if you wait too long to book on your own.
  • No overnight stays required for flight.

Disadvantages of Bulk Air:

  • Price is fixed, you Might miss out on a better price if you happen to look up airfare at JUST the right moment. (howeveer, wait too long and you may pay as much as three times higher)
  • Departing from Charlotte instead of Roanoke.
  • Schedule is fixed.  You may find a different schedule for you if you are willing to pay the extra costs.
  • If you are unable to go and we cannot replace you, you will lose the $100.00 deposit if our costs go up.  (deposit for the land and diving is still refundable if you withdraw early)


Bonaire Airfare A

Bonaire Airfare A

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