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ICONS What Do The Icons Mean

Throughout the site you will see these icons.  This is what they mean.

Click Here For More InformationThis icon will take you to a page with more information.  Could be an explanation or more information or special instructions.

$10.00 Off Added Services For Club MembersThis icon shows that club  members receive additional services at no charge.  These can include a guided dive, snacks and/or water for hydration. Depending on availability, if you have a problem with equipment we will loan you some of ours at no charge. Special member only events.  Get wet sessions in the pool.

20% Off For Club Members

 This icon shows that club members get 20% off on this item.  Most classes are 20% off for club members.

Club members are those that have helped support us by gear purchases, rentals, and more.

  • If you bought your Scuba equipment from us you are a club member.
  • If you are taking a class and rent a full set of equipment from us you are a member for that class.
  • If you have supported the store in other ways you may become a club member

This is our way of saying Thanks to those that have helped keep diving in Southwest Virginia.