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OPEN WATER TRAINING DIVES Finish Your Open Water Certification

The PADI Open Water Diver Course Training Dives with DIVING ENTERPRISES

You've finished all the Knowedge Development sections.  The Pool Sessions are behind you.

It's time to do the Open Water Training Dives!

Only you know your schedule.  so we let you choose when and where are best for your dives.  You can go with the group from your Pools Sessions or pick another date and location.

You're just 2 days away from your Open Water Scuba Diver certification!

The Schedule

You have to complete 4 Open Water Training Dives to get your full PADI certification.  There are a total of 4 dives with a maximum of 3 dives in one day.

You can do all 4 dives in one weekend or you can opt to break up your dives over 2 weekends, one day at a time.


The Cost

For our students there is no additional instructional charge for the actual training dives.

However, you are responsible for any extra costs.  Based on where you choose to do your dives you may be responsible for:

  • Entrance Fees if you choose to go to a site that charges
  • Transportation
  • Meals (if needed)
  • Lodging (if needed)
  • Incidentals

The Procedure

  1. Look over the list of training dive dates below.
  2. Pick the date(s) that work best for you
  3. Make sure spots are available (sign up early as spots are not guaranteed less than 7 days before the dives)
  4. Add to your cart
  5. Check out and you are ready to go

Open Water Dives $0.00

 Start DateEnd DatePlaces Available 
17 Feb 201818 Dec 201815

Open Water Dives (OWD 02/17/2018)
Instructor(s): James Tuite, Mark A. Rutherford.

  • Ow training dive #1
  • Ow training dive #2
  • Ow training dive #3
  • Ow training dive #4

As part of the Manatee Trip

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