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 Service Center

 Service - Done once, Done Right

One of the most important aspects of a dive shop is service after the sale. SCUBA diving in the Caribbean is a fantastic way to spend a week, but the ocean is a harsh environment. Proper servicing of your equipment keeps it working at peak performance and increases your overall safety.

Service may mean something as simple as testing and tuning your equipment or service can mean a complete overhaul of your regulator to bring it back to better than new. In Scuba equipment it is not the number of dives that determines what level of servicing is needed, time is a critical factor also. Equipment that sits unused will often need more servicing than equipment dove regularly.

Our technicians are not only highly trained divers and instructors, they are equally proficiant with the regular maintenance of SCUBA equipment. Consider this partial list of some the services we perform regularly.

  • Yearly regulator inspection and maintenance.
  • Regulator overhauls
  • Regulator oxygen cleaning
  • Cylinder annual inspections
  • Cylinder fills
  • Cylinder hydrostatic testing in-house
  • Cylinder tumbling
  • Cylinder valve repairs
  • Cylinder oxygen cleaning
  • BC inflator service and repairs
  • BC patching
  • Battery replacement in a dive computer.
  • Depth and pressure gauge chamber testing
  • Drysuit leak testing and patching
  • Drysuit seal replacement
  • Drysuit valve repair
  • Wetsuit repairs

    and a lot more