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Change To Diver Sales

We have moved the listing spot for equpment our divers want to sell. We have created a place for our divers to sell equipment they no longer need or want.  It is now listed on our home page under the Community heading as Diver to […]

New Service Procedures

For your peace of mind, we are adding an extra level of disinfecting cleaning to our normal procedures when we service your equipment.   In addition, we will go back to shrink wrapping your smaller items (regulators, computers, etc.).  After we serviced a Regulator, BC, or […]

Coronavirus And Scuba

There has been a lot of information and concern about Coronavirus.  Like everyone else, scuba divers have their concerns. First, some links.  These are links to the Divers Aleert Network (DAN), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of State   DAN Info on coronavirus https://www.diversalertnetwork.org/health/coronavirus.aspx […]

Used Tanks For Sale

Used Tanks For Sale - $90.00 We bought a number of tanks that had been used by an independent instructor. We have added some of our rentals that we have replaced  in inventory. All have current hydro-static tests and will come with a current visual and […]

Safety Message From Padi

Safety Message from PADI: Batteries, Power and Charging Considerations on Board Dive Boats By PADI Worldwide There is a rising prevalence of battery-powered devices being used in diving situations: smartphones, underwater propulsion vehicles, computers, cameras, strobes, drones and other personal equipment. Following recent boating-related tragedies, the […]