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Curacao 2019 Diving

Curacao Diving We dove with Ocean Encounters.  They really did a great job all week. The boat was comfortable and only for just our group.  The crew was very good on every dive.  Except for the first dive (we only had 5) we had two […]

Curacao 2019 Getting There

  Curacao TheTrip Down For those that didn’t know, American Airlines screwed up everyone’s flights to Curacao.  Better yet, they didn’t tell us, we had to find out for ourselves.  Mary and I ended up flying down on Friday. For a 7:30 am flight out […]

Our First Dives In Fiji

First  - The Internet is SlooooooW here so posts must be short. Diving is colorful.  Not so much when deep but spectacular on the tops of pinnacles.  Both the corals and the fish have colors we don't see elsewhere. Deep is pretty drab with a […]

Welcome To Fiji

We Arrive In FijI It’s been a busy week in Fiji.  And fun. The flight was long but not as bad as it could have been.  Lots of  inflight entertainment and I could stretch my legs out straight if I out them under the seat […]

Join Us In The Graveyard Of The Atlantic -may 11 & 12

Morehead City/Beaufort Wreck Diving We missed NC wreck diving last year as the boat was in drydock.  So we're going to make up for it this year by starting early. Join us for two days of outstanding diving.  Each day will take us to two dives […]