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Welcome To Fiji

Travel KDunker COMMENTS 04 Jun, 2019

We Arrive In FijI

It’s been a busy week in Fiji.  And fun.

The flight was long but not as bad as it could have been.  Lots of  inflight entertainment and I could stretch my legs out straight if I out them under the seat in front,

Some things never change.  A long bus ride is broken by a stop at a tourist trap midway.  The stop had changed, it was a more upscale tourist trap now.  They did give us coffee, juice, ad cookies, which were appreciated.  After the second half of the bus ride there was a relatively quick, and very smooth, boat ride to the resort where we waded ashore to be greeted with singing by the staff.

The resort is still very pretty and the staff still extremely friendly.  The Bures (rooms) look the same, which is good. We had a buffet lunch and then the rest of the day was checking in to the dive shop, unpacking, and a nap.  There was a complimentary foot massage but Mary & I opted to wait until the next day.  It was so good we got a full massage the day after.  That was heaven.

For entertainment we’ve had firewalkers, a local choir, fire lighting ceremony, village school visit, and been serenaded.  All followed by a delicious dinner.

More  to come.

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