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Curacao 2019 Getting There

Travel KDunker COMMENTS 27 Nov, 2019



TheTrip Down

For those that didn’t know, American Airlines screwed up everyone’s flights to Curacao.  Better yet, they didn’t tell us, we had to find out for ourselves.  Mary and I ended up flying down on Friday.

For a 7:30 am flight out of Charlotte we needed to take the 5 am shuttle from the hotel. Of course, you would like to have some coffee and something to eat while waiting to board.  Want to know what is open before 6 am in the Charlotte airport…NOTHING!  Those who know me understand that coffee is the source of life to me.  Not an auspicious start.  We find a restaurant that opens at 6 am but they are not quite ready yet.  Off to another eatery that also opens at 6.  Whoops, the breakfast items on the menu are not available at this site.  Back to the first restaurant and we get seated.  About 10 minutes later someone comes by and says the grill won’t be ready to cook for another 15 to 20 minutes.  Back to another place where we get a bagel (sorry we are all out of that flavor bagel) sandwich and some coffee.

The flight departs reasonably on time and we arrive in Miami.  Now to walk from one gate to another.  It wasn’t far.  It was just far enough for me to celebrate two birthdays during my trek to the next gate.

Arrival in Curacao to on of the smoothest customs and immigrations I have ever enjoyed.  No kidding. We filled out forms online at home.  At the airport they had a special lined.  Scan your passport. Get a picture taken. Go get your bags.   Wonderful.

Picked up a van at the airport to take people around on tours during the week. When we got reay to go to the resort we got directions from the rental company.  Note to self:  If directions start with “Oh it’s really easy to get there” it won’t be.  Let’s just say that after our 20 minute drive had stretched to 45 minutes and we had inadvertently toured Willemstad we arrived at the resort.  Once again the process was smooth and easy.  Within minutes we had our room and we wandering off to sample one of the 5 divver choices (#6 is being remodeled)


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