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Open Water Scuba Class Sign-up Changes

Classes KDunker COMMENTS 22 Dec, 2019

Important Change To Class Sign-Up – Effective Immediately

For clarity and to help you avoid a price increase from PADI, we have combined all the pool and online eLearning into one sign up.  This will make for a smoother and simpler process for you.  There is no change to the complete cost of the training ($250.00)

Old system – Pay a $60.00 pool fee (based on signing up for eLearning through Diving Enterprises.) Go to the PADI site and register for the eLearning and pay them $190.00, listing Diving Enterprise as your facility.  Receive your access codes from PADI and begin eLearning.  Total $250.00.

New System - Your $50.00 deposit (down from $60.00) reserves your spot in the Open Water course of your choice.  Prior to the start of pool, complete payment on the class and receive your access codes from Diving Enterprises. Begin eLearning.  Total $250.00

If you have already paid for a pot your total bill for pool and online training will remain $250.00


If you have any questions please call Diving Enterprises at 540 389-9100.


Thank You

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