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4th Of July Specials

News KDunker COMMENTS 01 Jul, 2020

Go Dive The 4 th (or 5th, or Both)

Special on Airfills and Rentals – Good Thursday through Monday.

We are going to be closed Saturday the 4th

Free airfills for your dive – Bring in your tanks and get up to two free airfills per person.*

Get a full set of rental gear for the one day price.  Includes Regulator, Wetsuit, BC, Weights, Bag, and 2 tanks. Regular price is $65.00, ONE DAY RATE $35.00**

Rent a tank with air for just the cost of a fill.  Regular $13.50.  Get it for $4.75, cost of an airfill.***


The rules:

  • Rental period is from pickup until Monday.    You may pick up after 6 pm or all day Friday.
  • * - Up to two tanks per person.  Youi must bring in your own tanks
  • ** - You may mix and match sizes to share a rental.
  • *** - Up to 2 rental tanks per person.

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