Summersville & Blue Bend Updates



We dove Summersville last Thursday with good results.  With almost no one there it made for good visibility and good dives.

Visibility ranged from about 8 foot to 20+ (occasionally).  Temperatures were in the mid to upper 70s until the first thermocline at about 18 feet.  Still very comfortable at that depth.  Below 25 it started getting chilly.

Blue  Bend:

We don't dive Blue Bend too often as it is a small site and a little remote.  It's a good spot for a couple of dives in one day.  It is very pretty and has facilities on site.  This is a Recreational Area so there is lots of non-diving outdoors activities.  Very easy entrance and exit with gentle sloping bottom that goes to abut 20 feet.

Visibility varied with the number of dives in the water.  The low was about 3 feet up to maximum of about 12 feet.  Temperatures were very nice until you got below about 10- feet.  It then became a little chilly and below 15 feet it was cold.