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Turtle Farm Dive In Cayman

Travel KDunker COMMENTS 07 May, 2018

A very pleasant dive near the Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman on Saturday.

The entrance is easy with a stair/ladder going well into the water.  From there just follow the channel out to the drop off. 

We opted to go right and were treated top a large school of Tarpon hiding under an overhang.  They weren't overly concerned with our presence but did keep a small distance from us.

Visibility was over 100 feet.  Big change fro the 2 foot at Claytor Lake last weekend.   Plus the water was warm, another improvement. 

We followed along a smallish wall at about 60 feet.  Lots of fish life and good looking coral.  The coral in tis area seems to be in very good condition.

We posted a few more pictures to the Cayman 2018 Gallery

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