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Cavern & Cave Diving In February 2019

Travel KDunker COMMENTS 22 Mar, 2019

We had a very nice weekend of Cavern and Cave diving in Florida.

The weather cooperated nicely,  Warm, clear skies made for a nice change from home.  Temperatures were mild and rain was missing.  Hooray!

Blue Grotto was interesting.  They have a very nice dock for gear assembling which is usually about four feet above the water level.  It was about 3 feet underwater when we were there.  It was strange to sit down on a bench to put on your gear and find the water comes up to your waist.  Not a problem, actually quite fun.
Blue Grotto was quite full.  Because of high waters very few dive sites were open.  We had made reservations for a shared pavilion, a smart move.  Others had to set up in the grass or the driveway.  Only problem is one guy showed up claiming to have over half our pavilion, even though we had more people.  Turns out he was at the wrong site.
There are a lot of improvements including some really nice platforms.  With all the people the viability was down until into the cavern area.  Then things opened up.  If you have been there before you will remember the underwater bell on the roof.  Normally we can up into t to talk to the divers while underwater.  However, the pump was not working so no fresh air was going into the bell.

Ginnie Springs was the second day.  We didn't have a reserved pavilion but found a good spot to set up with a couple of picnic benches and some tank racks.  It was also crowded but manageable.
Water was up but the visibility was as good as always in the main Ginnie Spring.  While inside lights were optional because of all the other divers.  Even so, there was plenty of room for everyone.
The swim from Little Devils to The Eye had poor visibility.  Not dark but a lot of suspended particles.

Once at the Eye things were quite a bit better.  Visibility was very clear as usual.  There were a lot of cave divers heading in and out so traffic was brisk.  Everyone cooperated so passages went smoothly.

Need to do this more often!


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