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Join Us In The Graveyard Of The Atlantic -may 11 & 12

Travel KDunker COMMENTS 22 Mar, 2019

Morehead City/Beaufort Wreck Diving

We missed NC wreck diving last year as the boat was in drydock.  So we're going to make up for it this year by starting early.

Join us for two days of outstanding diving.  Each day will take us to two dives showcasing The Graveyard Of The Atlantic.  Will we dive the U-352?  The Schurz? Aeolis? Spar?  We'll find out when we see where the best diving will be.

The trip is $235.00 for both days of diving.  We are on Outrageous V, Terry's boat.  He always knows where are the best conditions so we get the best places to dive.

We've even got the bunkhouse for only $25.00 per night.  Lodging is for Friday and Saturday nights and we can go back Sunday after the dives to clean up and get our stuff.  No early departure required.

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