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Used Gear For Sale By Our Customers

Items for sale are at the bottom of this page.  Please read the following first

Over time our divers accumulate extra or unneeded gear.  We'll help you by posting the equipment you wish to sell.  We don't charge or take a commission for this, it is a service for you.

We will forward the buyer's contact information to the seller.  From there, they work it out between the parties involved.

How It Works - Seller

Send a list of what you want to sell and how much you want.  We'll review the list for qualification and suitability.  We'll contact you with any suggestions, changes, or requirements.  When someone contacts us abut your equipment we will forward their contact information.

How It Works - Buyer

You look over the items.  If you are interested in an item let us know what it is and how you want to be contacted.  We will forward your contact information to the seller.

 There are ALWAYS rules - 

  • Item must have been purchased from Diving Enterprises.
  • We do not negotiate prices for either party.
  • Sellers must agree for us to provide service information to a potential buyer.
  • We will not hold item in the store for sale.
  • We will allow you to drop off for pickup within 24 hours.
  • This is between you and the buyer.  We are not involved in the actual sale.
  • If you sell your item you must notify us within 24 hours so we can update the listing.
  • Payment and pricing is between the seller and the buyer. We cannot process payments (violates cc rules).
  • We offer no guarantees for this equipment.
  • We do not charge a fee for this.
  • It is solely our decision what items to post to our website.

We may make changes to the riles as we see how things go.  Eventually we will have a time limit established as we see how long things are listed.

Want to see what Diving Enterprises has in used gear?  Click here.

The list will show you what is available. Click on the item number to go to the full description

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