Florida Trip March 2021

Dive Florida with us March 20 & 21

Who Wants To Go To Florida – March 20 & 21? 

We’re doing a no-frills trip to Florida.  Are you in?

One day we will be diving Ginnie Springs near High Springs, Florida.  Ginnie is famous for clear waters, multiple dive spots, and great facilities.  Sometimes you can't see the water it is so clear.  Depths in the main areas vary up to about 25 feet with additional dive sites going to 50 feet.  We will dive at least two different areas of the springs.  More if you want.  We’ll have lunch during the day between dives.

The other dive site is Blue Grotto, near Williston, Fl.  Known for its very friendly turtle, Blue Grotto is a very pleasant dive site.  It has excellent facilities and a very easy entrance.  In addition to a dive area that we can use for fun or training, there is an overhead area with a large opening.  Inside there are lots of nooks and crannies and even an air bell where you can talk to your buddy while underwater. 

The trip includes your entrance fees to both Ginnie Springs and Blue Grotto.  Also included are independent and instructor-led dives are available, it's up to you.

Not included in the trip are:

  • Transportation for you and your gear.
  • Lodging.
  • Other meals.
  • Dive equipment.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses.

We offer special rental rates for this trip:

  • Free equipment rental for our Open Water students.
  • Discounted equipment rental for certified divers.


Cost of the trip is $100.00