How SignNow Digital Forms Work for Classes

What to expect when doing the Digital Releases

How To Complete Our Digital Forms

We are using digital releases for our class forms. These allow us to present you with information faster and receive your forms back quicker.

You will receive a set of forms from SignNow with places for you to enter your information.  As you progress, you'll find some blocks will require new information, others require a selection, and some will repeat if you click on them.  Just fill in, click, or select as needed for each entry.  If you miss a field, at the end you will be directed back to the field that must be corrected,

Once done you click on "Done" and your form is readied for confirmation.  Shortly after that, you will receive a confirmation email from SignNow to verify your signature and intent to sign.  That is what makes this legally binding.  Click on the email link and the form is finalized and sent to us.
No confirmation means no forms returned and no class for you.  OOPS!

Three Easy Steps

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Click Done
  3. Confirm the signature email

That's all there is to it.