Our Company

Tell Me About Diving Enterprises

Diving Enterprises, Ltd. started with a bad choice of words.  In the early 80s the original owner (Cindy) agreed to take a Scuba class so there would be enough signed up for the class to start.  Shortly into the class the instructor said the wrong thing to her.  He claimed women couldn't dive.  They weren't strong enough, smart enough, "whatever" enough.  One thing you don't do is tell Cindy women "can't" do something.  She proved him wrong by not only getting certified but by opening a dive store in SW Virginia.

We've been teaching SCUBA and Snorkeling since 1983. We started on Brandon Ave, moved to US 220 south in the mid 80's, then into CMT Sports when they opened on Brandon Ave, and are now on Apperson Drive in Salem. After that we decided moving was way too much trouble so we bought the building and plan to be here a long, long time.

Our SCUBA instructors are required to maintain their skills and training, be fully insured, and be PADI certified.  They go through updates and refreshers regularly to keep their skills as teachers and mentors well honed.  They all teach because they like to, not because they have to.

We are the only SCUBA store in Southwest Virginia with a PADI Course Director and a PADI Master Instructor on staff. Those are the two highest ratings in PADI. We also have Instructor Development Course Staff Instructors, Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructors, Open Water Scuba Instructors, TecRec Instructors, Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructors, EFR Instructor Trainers, and Public Safety Diving Instructors.  It takes time and dedication to earn those rating from PADI.   They are not something you get just through longevity as an instructor.  You earn them.

We have a full D.O.T certified Hydro_station and trained, registered technicians.  We inspect cylinders in_house to make sure all Scuba standards are met.  We don't ship your cylinder off to someone else and hope they did it right.

We regularly go on SCUBA diving trips to the Caribbean, South Pacific, and even more exotic locations like the Galapagos and Coral Sea.  Our staff have dove on almost every continent (not the Antarctic, yet) in the world.  They also enjoy diving locally and can often be found in the water just for fun or helping out another instructor.