Shark Cage Excursion

Georgia Aquarium Shark Cage

Even Non-Divers Can See Sharks First Hand In The Georgia Aquarium Shark Cage Excursion

Don a wetsuit and venture into the deep with some of our most fearsome sharks in this new animal interaction in the Sharks! Predators of the Deep gallery.

 Just sign up with Diving Enterprises to book your Cage Dive in the 1.2 million gallon exhibit.

To ensure the best experience you'll be taken on an enclosed cage dive in the new exhibit.  For your comfort you'll get to use a Full Face Mask like you've seen on TV and in documentaries.  No leaks, no fogging, just a great view of the sharks.  Plus youi'll have a wetsuit tohelp keep you warm in the water.

Shark Cage Dive 1

You'll Get To...


    You're going deep, so you'll need a wetsuit. Don't worry, we provide the wetsuit, towels, lockers and showers.


    We include an educational presentation about sharks, their environment and conservation efforts so you can be their advocates.


    Get up close and personal with these amazing creatures in this one-of-a-kind experience.


SHARKS! Predators of the Deep 3


No need to be Scuba certified!  This is for everyone 12 and older.

Included in our program is:

  • Shark Cage Excursion
  • Use of Full Face Mask, wetsuit, and wieghts
  • Digital Photo
  • General Admission (good all day at the Aquairum)
  • Lunch (no outside food allowed in the Aquarium)
  • Stat & Local Taxes

Program Price is $299.00   The deposit is $50.00



For the ultimate  experience, certified divers can combine the Whale Shark Dive and the Shark Cage Excursion for $699.00

After you register for the trip send us an email with the program(s) you want to enjoy.  Only one deposit required. 

 Please call the store to register