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Two thumbs up, 5 stars, first rate... whatever scale you're using, DEL ranks at the top in my book. I got certified through Diving Enterprises when I lived in the Roanoke area. About a year later I moved to the Charlotte area. That was nearly 8 years ago and I continue to purchase equipment, service gear and most importantly DIVE with this outstanding operation.

Ken takes personal interest in the diver; understanding their skill level and future dive plans and aspirations to identify the appropriate gear and classes that fit. After you get certified it's time to go somewhere fabulous! Traveling with a group of strangers can be interesting, no doubt... if you are hesitant about taking a long trip with Ken... don't. The destinations have never left me disappointed and the friendships forged along the way are some of the very best.

Take the leap into the blue and see in person what your friends only watch on Discovery Channel =)

Kara Mullaley

Since the days of my youth I had a high interest in underwater exploration. Nights watching *Jacques Cousteau National Geographic specials and Sea Quest reruns I had dreams of being an explorer myself. Being from the Blue Ridge Mountains the opportunity just was not there. Fast forward 40 years and on a trip to Cozumel the passion for scuba came rushing backwhen i took an intro course. Having watched all those Sea Quest dramas I realized there some real dangers to diving, though not caused by villains this time. My theory is I don't want to be a HUNDRED TWENTY FEET UNDERWATER when something goes wrong and have shoddy training and the cheapest deal I can get on equipment. I contacted the only friend I knew into scuba he directed me to a well established company Diving Ent. near Salem. He said the training was great and prices on equipment was good but the support on trips, advise and equipment was second to none. With my friends advise I went and it turned out to be an excellent decision. I have been well trained and when Ken's staff couldn't furnished the training I needed in my time schedule he found me an excellent instructor who could. I am dedicated to enjoying this hobby to the max so, buying equipment is a must. Like I said before 120 ft. under and you got the cheapest equipment you can find and something has gone wrong. To me money is important but not that much. I explained to Ken i am not rich but i need good quality equipment. He fixed me up with a wet suite, computer, BC, fins, boots, mask, snorkel, weights
and regulator. All the stuff I had already priced on line and Ken's cost was less. Not too mention I could see the condition of product and all the stuff fit with no shipping. Diving is a passion at Ken's place. He and the people there do adhere to the theory take care of your customer and they will take care of you.

James S

 I got my advanced open water back on August. Every instructor that I have met is amazing. I feel comfortable asking any questions, they are all awesome to be ar...ound.
I just came back from my first trip with diving enterprise, Crystal River,Florida, I had the best time of my life. Everyone is patient with you, helpful, and just like a family. I can't wait until I can go on another trip with them.
The owner Ken and his wife Mary are by far, the sweetest people, I have met.

As many times that I have called to ask questions, I've never gotten an irritated response, and I ask a lot of questions.

If you want to get certified or get gear or just need more info to help you better understand scuba, I would definitely recommend Diving Enterprise. Awesome people and shop

Natasha B

I decided to look into diving one day and I found a local dive shop in the corner of what used to be CMT Sporting Goods. Little did I know that the visit to the dive shop that day would lead to the most enjoyable sport in which I've ever participated. I've been diving with Ken and the Diving Enterprises crew for seven years now, and I'm very thankful that I have found such a wonderful diving community.

On the personal side of things, I have made some of the best friendships and shared some of the most awesome experiences with a lot of the other divers I've met through Diving Enterprises. Ken arranges diving trips year_round. From local day or weekend_long trips to week_long vacations out of the country, there's something for everyone. And Ken is a blast on our dive trips! He's always willing to share his vast diving knowledge, and he does so with wry wit, a laugh and a smile.

On the business side of things, Ken has been equally as pleasant to work with. He will take the time to explain to customers all of the details of a piece of equipment, making sure that the fit is perfect and that the customer is completely satisfied. He sells quality dive gear that lasts a very long time. In fact, I recently asked him if I needed to be concerned about my gear being seven years old. Instead of selling me all new equipment like many business owners would likely have done, he explained that the quality gear I purchased should last a lifetime, if well_maintained.

Obviously I very highly recommend Ken and Diving Enterprises, and look forward to many more diving adventures with them in the future.

Mike F

Ken and his staff are AWESOME!

Chandie S