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WHIRLHOLE ON NEW RIVER The Whirlhole On The New River

The Whirlhole

A little further away at about an hour from the store is the Whirlhole on the New River.  It's near Eggleston, Va. 

Local lore has an entire train in the bottom.  Others say there is no bottom.  Both are wrong.  The hirlhole is a depression in the bottom of the river.  Its' about 72 feet deep with lots of catfish but no train.

This site is harder to get to and best done with a boat. Entrance is form private property. From shore you drift down the river to the site which is a little over 70 feet deep.  Fish life is mostly catfish with a larger congregation of them forming in the late afternoon at the hole. If diving from shore you have to swim up against the current to get back to your entry point.