How Do I Register For Class

How to register for a class

  1. For yourself-

    1. On the website page for the class you want pick the dates you want.
    2. Add your class to the shopping cart and you will go to the online store
    3. Pick the person taking the class
      1. If you have an account enter your account information
      2. If you are not sure search at the topof the page by entering your email address
      3. If you do not come up, complete the customer information setup.
    4. Click on Add To Cart.
    5. Click on the cart at the upper right, scroll to the bottom of the cart and click on View Cart
    6. Follow instructions to pay for the class and you are set
  2. For yourself and someone else

    1. Follow the instruction above through step 3
    2. To the right of your name is a place to add additional students
    3. Return the step 4 above and complete payment
  3. For someone else but not you

    1. Follow the steps in Step 2 above
    2. When you get to the cart click on the red X to the right of your name.
    3. Your name will be removed from the cart but the other person will remain
    4. Complete the payment
  4. To register someone else as a gift and not tell them.

    1. Proceed as in Step 2 above
    2. When adding that person to the course use YOUR email address.
    3. All notices will go to you
    4. After you tell them of the class let us know to change the email on their account.

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