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Cookout & Dive September 2nd

Come join us on sunday, September 2nd for some diving and a cookout. We'll bring the hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks and the accessories.  You bring your gear and appetite. We'll do some diving and some eating and have a good time. Diving starts at 11 am, […]

Visual & Nitrox Stickers

Cylinder Visuals & Nitrox Labeling Recently the question of requirements for Visual Inspections and Nitrox bands on cylinders came up again. The requirements for us (as a fill station) and you (as a diver) are quite different. The short version For Fill stations: We have […]

They Are Safe!

Congratulations to the Thai Seals and the international team of divers on the rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team. It was an outstanding job in a very dangerous situation. It was not without loss as one former Thai Seal perished during the rescue.   […]

Updated Packages

We have updated our Packages page to show the current selection of Equipment Packages from Aqualung. These are some outstanding offers so check them out.

Celebrate 75 Years  Of Aqualung And Scuba

Aqualung is celebrating 75 Years of providing the best equipment to Scuba divers. You can get an i100 nitrox wrist computer for only 75 cents with the purchase of a regulator and alternate air source.  Or upgrade to a more advanced computer and get a […]