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Pepper's Ferry April 14

Dive Sites KDunker COMMENTS25 Apr, 2018

Pepper's Ferry was challenging to say the least.

Temperatures were in the low to mid 50s, beter than expected.

The current was the problem.  It started out not too bad for the first dive.  Dive 2 was a different story.  Onl the way out the flow was strong but managable.  After doing some skills we proceeded to the far side of the river to look around.  As we returned the current started pickeing up until it was very difficulet to hold opsition, even holding onto the bottom.  As we got closer to the entrance some started sliding backwards despite their best efforts.  There was no third dive as condtions continued on a downward spiral.

With the forecast for Sunday workse than satureday wew decided against diving Pepper's agan that weekend.

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