Dive Pompano Beach November 2022. 

Join us for a weekend of wreck & reef diving off Pompano Beach. Pompano Beach is considered the Wreck Diving Capitol of Florida. Not to mentions lots of good reefs close in.  Since it is Florida, you can choose to drive or fly to the dives. Bring your gear or add on tank and weight rentals. Your choice. 

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The South East Florida Reef Tract extends from Miami northward to Palm Beach. Greater Ft. Lauderdale accounts for 23 miles in the middle of the tract and the largest number of dive sites, with over 100 reef and wreck sites. The Gulf Stream current often flows close to the shoreline bathing the coral reefs in clear, warm water. Hundreds of species of fish flourish along the coast. The reef tracts are very close to shore, no long boat rides here. You can even swim to some reefs from the beach. 

Most all the reefs and the prevailing currents run parallel to the shoreline. This combination creates a great opportunity to explore more reef area by drift diving. We start you out at one end of the reef and you lazily drift with the current to the other end where we pick you up. 

We are scheduled to dive Friday from the Black Pearl. The Black Pearl is a custom-built glass-bottom catamaran that you can dive, snorkel or watch from above. Being a twin-hull design, she is very stable and fast. The gas outboard engines eliminate nauseating diesel fumes. The Black Pearl has two tank racks behind each seat and storage underneath. This vessel is also equipped with side ladders which are easy to use even in the roughest seas. There are five exits, which make it easier to enter the water. Other amenities include a glass-bottom viewing window, two freshwater showers, freshwater rinse barrel, clean spacious bathroom, blue tooth stereo system, and an HD Flat Screen for viewing photos and video. Water and crackers are included on all trips. Saturday is scheduled to dive from the Goliath. Though smaller than the Black Pearl she is really good for private charters and will give us more flexibility in our dive sites. Plus, the platform is very close to the water for easy exits. 

We expect some really great diving on this trip. The exact sites will be chosen closer to the trip to account for conditions, weather, and what everyone wants to see. 

Included in the trip: 

  • 3 tank boat dive Friday 

  • 2 tank boat dive Saturday 

  • Dinner Saturday evening 

Options for the trip: 

  • Blue Heron Bridge dive with lunch 

  • Tanks & weights for the 3 tank boat dive. 

  • Tanks & weights for the 2 tank boat dive. 

Not Included: 

  • Tips for the Boat Crew 

  • Transportation 

  • Lodging 

  • Meals (except as noted) 

  • Airfills (included if renting tanks) 

  • Tanks & weights for Blue Heron Bridge dive 



We are starting with a 3 tank dive on Friday November 11th. The boat rides are short so we plan to leave the dock about 11 am. 


We’ll start at 8:00 am for a 2 tank boat dive trip. Shore rides mean we will be back in time for lunch.  

Since this is a shorter day, we’ll gather at a local restaurant for a group dinner at 6:30. Dinner is on us! 


Optional - The Blue Heron Bridge is a great dive site on the intercoastal Waterway with lots of critters. It’s located at the Phil Foster Park in Riviera Beach. Park your car in the paved lot and take a short walk to the water. There are lots of dive shops in the area if you need to rent tanks or weights. Lunch included for those diving the Blue Heron Bridge.  We will meet at 10:30 am to get ready for the dive.Since the dives are based on the tides, there will only be one dive scheduled.  But it can be a long one.

Want to get a head start back? This dive is optional.

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