• Blue Grotto - Devil's Den - Ginnie Springs

Blue Grotto - Devil's Den - Ginnie Springs

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Blue Grotto -

One of Florida's favorite dive spots with a lot to offer divers.  The main basin goes to 40 feet with numerous platforms for use in training or just a place to set down.  The upper cavern has a wide opening and goes to 50 feet.  Near the entrance is a diving bell with fresh, breathable, air pumped in and windows to look out at over the cavern. Artifacts are scattered about.  The lower area is for more advanced divers with minimal to no natural light.  There are shelters for setup and a fantastic dock system for getting in the water.  A dive center is at the entrance for check-in, snacks, drinks and those spares you need when a strap breaks.  Air and Nitrox (32%) fills and a full line of rental gear is available on site.  Virgil the turtle is the resident star of Blue Grotto.  Don't let the name fool you, Virgil is a girl that likes to come visit with the divers in the water. She also likes to sniff your fingers to see if a treat is available.

Devil's Den -

Like going back to prehistoric times, Devil's Den is an underground spring inside a dry cave.  You'' descend a flight of stairs to a dry (usually) platform at the water's edge.  From there you can swim around the site viewing the formations and the many prehistoric fossils in the walls. It is the home to many extinct animal fossils dating back to the Pleistocene Age.  The spring has a surface diameter of 120 foot.  The maximum depth is about 54 feet with water temps at 72 degrees year round.  The dive shop has Scuba diving equipment and Snorkeling equipment for rent, along with T-Shirts, post cards, stickers, snacks, beverages and much more.  Out of the water there is a heated swimming pool, 2 Large changing areas with showers and bathrooms, 30 + picnic tables, charcoal grills, 5 cabanas, 2 large pavilions, and an assortment of lawn games.

Ginnie Springs -

World renowned for cave diving, Ginnie Springs is also a great place for Open Water diving.  Crystal clear waters are 72 degrees no matter what time of year.  There are three main dive areas.  Ginnie Springs is a large basin partly surrounded by a boardwalk with stairs to the water.  The Ballroom is a large cavern off to one side of the basin with a line leading to the back.  The Devil's Spring system includes Little Devil's, The Eye, and The Ear.  -Little Devil's is a canyon in the bottom at the beginning of a swim to The Eye.  The Eye looks like someone took a giant biscuit cutter and took a chunk out of the bottom.  About 20 feet deep the flow from the attached cavern keeps the waters clear.  Continue on to The Ear, where there is a very strong flow coming out of the ground.  The Ear and The Eye are connected by the underground cave system.  You can also drift along the Santa Fe River where you can see turtles, various fish, fossils of giant ground sloths and other mammals, and the (very) occasional manatee.  The facilities are the best. Hot showers, changing rooms, bathrooms, General store, pavilions, volleyball, picnic tables, a playground, and even a laundry


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