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One of the most exhilarating, calming, exciting, fun, beautiful, serene, things you can do, Scuba.  
It can be anything you want, and it lasts a lifetime.
Now it's time for you to get Scuba certified.  Here's how to get your Scuba certification 


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There are three main components

Knowledge Development – Our state-of-the-art PADI training materials will guide you through what you need to know about Scuba and diving safely.  At all times we are available to answer questions, explain concepts, guide your learning or just chat about diving.

Pool Training – The pool is where you will learn the basics of Scuba.  We will introduce you to the skills needed to dive safely and have fun.  Classes are small and the pace is relaxed. 

Open Water Training Dives – Here’s your chance to use your skills in the open water.  Since you already know how to do the skills it doesn’t take long to complete your dives.  Once you’ve finished the Open Water Training Dives you can get your PADI Open Water Scuba diver card.

While we are glad to have you dive with us, we know that sometimes your plans change.  if you have a trip or other need you can opt to do your dives with any PADI instructor in the world.  Since PADI is the world's largest training agency, you can always find a PADI facility or instructor for your dives.  See us about getting a referral.

How To Start

First, pick your pool dates

The first thing to do is decide when you want to start the pool.  Pool sessions are available every few weeks.  Since spaces are limited we suggest you pick the pool dates first.  Once a class is full, we cannot add more spots.

Everyone must complete a Diver Medical Form before doing any in-water activities.  Under some circumstances, you may need to obtain a Doctor's release before going to the pool.  Please read it carefully and ask questions.  You will complete a digital copy in your form package but feel free to print the form for reference.

Second, start your Knowledge Development

Your training materials are included in the course fees.  Since you can do the Knowledge Development on your own schedule, you can start that whenever you are ready.  Just make sure to allow enough time to complete the Onlne Knowledge Development component before your pool sessions start. The only requirement is that you have both the Knowledge Development and the pool sessions completed before starting the Open Water Training Dives.

Third, Pick your Dive Dates

An important step is to decide when you are going to do your Open Water Training Dives. You'll  be able to pick the dates and locations that work best for you. You can do them all in one weekend or split them up over two different weekends. We offer a number of dive sites occurring every few weeks. While there's no charge to our students for our training dives, there may be trip expenses and entrance fees.


Our course includes:

  • PADI Training Materials.  
  • Instructional services
  • Pool training sessions
  • Use of Scuba specific gear in the pool and open Water Training Dives.
  • Open Water Training dives
  • Use of Scuba specific gear for Open Water dives (when certifying with us)
  • PADI certification card (when certifying with us)

Not Included

  • Personal Gear (mask, snorkel, boots, & fins).  We offer you a discount on your personal gear along with a Fit & Function Guarantee©
  • Transportation to and from the pool and dive sites.
  • Entrance fees to the dive sites

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Want to do your dives on a trip?  We can give you a referral that allows any PADI instructor in the world to do your dives.  (Since you are not diving with us the referral store or instructor may charge a fee for the dives.)