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There Is A Reason Bonaire is known as the Diver's Paradise The fish life diversity and health is amongst the best anywhere. 18 of the top 25 reefs in the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico are on this island

Bonaire has a long history of marine conservation. Beginning with turtle protection in 1961, the prohibition of spear fishing in 1971, and protection for coral, dead or alive, in 1975. The driving forces behind the creation of a Marine Park on Bonaire included Bonaire devotees Captain Don Stewart and late Carel Steensma and The Netherlands Antilles National Parks Foundation. The Bonaire National Marine Park was established in 1979.

The Marine Park includes all the waters surrounding Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, from the high-tide mark to 60 meters (200 feet) of depth. This is an area of about 27 km² (6672 acres) and includes the coral reef, sea grass and mangroves. Lac and Klein Bonaire are both a RAMSAR site and therefore internationally recognized as important wetlands areas.

The pace is laid back so relaxing is easy. As a Dutch Island we enjoy a safe environment and a positive environment.  There are numerous restaurants, modern grocery stores, comfortable lodging, and great weather.    The dollar is the official currency throughout the island.  The people are very friendly and helpful.

Fish life abounds and the diving is easy.  You can boat dive after short rides or opt to go shore diving almost anywhere on the island.  Just take your truck down the coast road and look for a yellow rock.  That signifies a shore dive spot.  There are over 90 shore diving spots on the island.

There are lots of combinations and options for our trips to Bonaire.  Call or email us with your questions

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