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Florida Trips

Warm waters and reliable dive conditions make Florida a prime winter dive site.
You can enjoy Wreck, Reef, and Springs diving.

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Last Chance To Dive The Florida Springs This Winter.

We're doing two days of diving, March 23 & 24 in central Florida.  The water's clear and 72 degrees every day.  The diving is easy and fun at both places.

Both our sites are within a short drive of Gainesville, Florida.  There are lots of accomodations and restaurants making it a great palce to stay during the trip

Saturday - Blue Grotto is known for great facilities, a fantastic deck system, fun dive areas and Virgil the turtle (note; despite the name, Virgil is a girl)

We'll meet Saturday morning at Blue Grotto located at 3852 NE 172 Ct, Williston, FL 32696.

There is a dive shop onsite with snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.  Around the corner is the airfill and rental station.  There are pavilions for setup and lots of grassy areas if the pavilions are taken.  Central is a bathhouse with hot showers and rinse stations.

The main basin is about 40 feet deep with three platforms.  Past that is a LARGE cavern with a WIDE (80 foot) entrance.  In this area are lots of artifacts and an air bell with viewing windows.  Fresh air is pumped down to the bell so you can take your reg out and talk to your buddy underwater. The next area is out of the ambient light area and goes to about 100 feet. When in the shallower, open area, you are likely to be greeted by Virgil, the resident turtle.  Keep in mind, Virgil is always looking for a handout.


Sunday - Ginnie Springs is a world renowned dive site.  In addition to regular diving, cave divers come from all over the world for the extensive underground system of passages.  There is some great fun diving onsite as well.  The facilites are well developed with all the amenities you would want including bathouses and hot showers.

Ginnis Spring is located at 7300 NE Ginnie Spgs Rd, High Springs, FL 32643

The water is crystal clear with multiple dive areas.  Start at the famous Ginnie Spring then dive Little Devil's, The Eye, and The Ear.  You can even drift down the Suwannee River from The Ear to Ginnie Spring. You'll often see turtles, lots of fish, and the occasional manatee. in the river.

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