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Reef Renewal Diver

Learn how to help Renew The Reefs

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Become a Reef Renewal Diver and help us restore the reefs!

Ready to use your diving to restore the reefs? Want to learn coral gardening techniques? Is becoming a certified Reef Renewal volunteer something that interests you? The PADI Reef Renewal Diver Distinctive Specialty is a fun way to give your time and effort while taking concrete steps to improve Bonaire’s reefs. Bring the science of reefs to life and do your part to rescue threatened and endangered ecosystems and species. Perfect for families, single divers, vacationers, school groups, and more!

Coral nursery tree maintenance

Photo by Dan Bender

Coral nursery tree maintenance

Photo by Dan Bender

During this 3-dive course you will:

  • Get inspired during on-land interactive, hands-on lessons and skills practice
  • Maintain the coral nurseries while honing your buoyancy
  • Propagate new corals in the nurseries that will restore degraded reefs
  • Outplant corals back into the reef, leaving a living, lasting mark on Bonaire’s reefs
  • Become a member of RRFB’s volunteer ranks and join in volunteer dives throughout the year or whenever you return to Bonaire

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