Enjoy local diving with Diving Enterprises, Ltd.

Local diving trips are those going to destinations inside the continental US. 

We dive oceans, lakes, river, quarries, and anywhere else wet enough to get underwater.

Our most local spots include:

Pepper’s Ferry – Near Radford, VA it is a favorite local dive site with an easy entrance and lots of fish.

Gray Quarry – Just inside Tennessee about 2 ½ hours for the store.  This quarry ahs depths to 75 feet with lots of toys to check out.  Because they “turn” the water, temperatures are consistent from top to bottom and visibility is usually very good.

Lake Phoenix –Famous on the east coast, Lake Phoenix has lots and lots of artifacts underwater and great facilities above water.  Not too many other places you can play basketball underwater. 3 hours east of the store. 

Summersville Lake – Near Beckley, WV this is one of the prettiest lakes you’ll ever dive.  While not many sunken objects, the visibility is usually very good with interesting rock formations.  Very good for deep training as it goes well past 200 feet.

Bluestone Quarry – Near High Point NC.  Put a “PT” boat, helicopter, tunnel system, and lots of goodies underwater.  Then add easy entrances, a bunkhouse, hot showers.  Now you’ve got Bluestone Quarry.

A little further from home and we have:

Florida – Home to Ginnie Springs, Rainbow River, Blue Grotto, Devil’s Den and many more springs with crystal clear water. 
Lots and lots of ocean diving along all coasts of Florida.  Ft Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Panama City, Pensacola, Key Largo, Key West, Marathon, Loo Key, and more.

Head in a different direction and see Bonne Terre Mine, the Great Lakes, Balboa Quarry.

There’s a lot of diving without leaving the states.