Open Water Course FAQs

Pool Hours



How much does the course cost?

There are three parts to the course and there are costs associated with each part

Pool - A registration fee for the pool session you choose. Click here for the current fee - Pool Sessions for Open Water Scuba Diver ( 

Knowledge Development - the PADI online training fee for the course. 

Open Water Training Dives.  The dives are free for our students but there is a trip fee..  Current fees are here:  Open Water Training Dives (

Optional fees - A student equipment kit (mask, snorkel, boots, and fins) is available.  Click here to verify the current fee: Basic Personal Gear Kit Open Water Course Students (


We will continue to work with you unitl you can safely manage a skill.  You can come to additional sessions (space permitting) as long as you are making a good faith effort to master the dive skills.    There is no charge under these circumstances.

There may be chages for additional sessions under certain circumstances:

  • Your  problems stem from using your own equipment that does not fit or work to properly allow yo to accomplich the skills.
  • You wait for over a year to try and finish the skills.
  •  You do not arrive for sessiosn on time as agreed.
  • You request private or specail dates for your sessions.

Can I Use My Own Scuba Equipment?

For Saety and Familiarztion, No. 

Only Scuba equipment privided by Diving Enterprises may be used in hte course.  You can us equipment you purchased from Diving Enterrises

Can I use my own personal gear?

Yes, with restrictions.  The following are not acceptable. 

Masks with no name or not from a major Scuba Manufacturer (with logo and or name).  Masks with non-tempered glass.  Masks with plastic lenses.  Masks we determine do not meet our safety standards no mattere the manufacturer.

Snorkels that are too small or too big for the user.  For adults and teens, snorkels should be at least 3/4 inch diameter.  

Boots that are not at least 2 mm or thicker with a firm sole suitable for walking on gravel.

Fins with no name or not from a major Scuba Manufacturer (with logo and or name).  No fins that use a full pocket for the foot. Fins must be able to propel a full set of scuba gear through the water at a reasonable pace for diving.


Why aren't the trip fees included in the class?

You pick the date and location for your dives.  If we included the trip fees we would have to overcharge some and undercharge others, dependng on the dive site.

We don't now your schedule so we don't tell you when or where you have to do your dives

How long does it take to complete the online portion?

PADI says it take most people between 5 and 10 hours to complete the materials.

Do it at your schedule and at your times.

You caa complete it on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.  Or any compination of those.




Does my card ever expire?

NO, your card never expires.  However, if you haven't been diving for a while it is suggested you take a ReActivate course to brings your skills up to date.  Along with a short online course and a pool review, you get a new ReActivate card with all your original certification information on the card.

When you travel, resorts and dive shops may have requirements that you have made a dive within the paes X number of months. We can help you with a refresher before your trip.    Better yet, join us on a local dive and alwars be current.



Will (name a place, country, or facility) accept my PADI Open Water Diver card?

Yes.  PADI is the world's largest training agency.  Your card is accepted everywhere, no matter how remote.

Yoiur certification can be verified by any PADI facility


I cannot come for a complete weekend.  Can I split my course days?

For the Pool sessions

Not for a regular class.  Everyone has to work together to accomplish all the skills for the class.  The format proceeds through the skills in order so attendance is critical.  Since each class proceeds at it's own pace you may not be able to make up parts you missed.

You can arrange for a private class that better fits your schedule.  There is an extra fee for private courses.

For the Open Water dives

Yes.  Since you already know how to do the skills, not as much time is required for this part of the course.  Not everyone has to be in the water at the same time for these dives so there is much more flexibility.  You can do the dives all in one weekend or split them up.  Do any combination of days as long as you can commit to two days of training.  Do a Saturday & Sunday, two Saturdays, two Sundays, or even do a Sunday & Saturday.

Occasionally we can do mid-week dives also.

Unfortunatly, No.

PADI courses require each individual have a personal set of training materials and proof of course completion.  Court decisions have established that sharing materials does not establish proof of completion of training and may even deny proof for the person listed.

PADI courses meet ISO standards and ACE requirements.  Both have rules regarding the sharing of materials. Wiy=thout each stddent having personal traing mateials our insurance will not provide us any coverage.

If one member of a family has a driver's license, the family cannot share ti to allow everyone to drive.