Two Full Sets

Two Full Sets


Availability: In store purchase only

Part Number:22983885 - 11-20-2022 Manufacturer: Sale By Owner Model: Used Gear

For Sale By Owner 


All below scuba gear purchased from Diving Enterprises, Roanoke, Va.

Listed packages are being sold as complete packages; no individual items listed in a package sold separately. 


Package #1:  ($300)

US Divers Sea4 regulator with a Sherwood Ocotopus with Aqualung pivot console; includes carrying case

US Divers Alcyone BC Vest (Large)

US Divers Aqua-Lung Blades Scuba Fins (large)


Package #2  ($300)

Genesis Athena BC Vest (Small)

US Divers Impulse Regulator with Octopus and Aqualung Pivot Console; includes carrying case

US Divers Aqua-Lung Blades Scuba Fins (Medium)


Both Packages:  $560.00


The below listed items come with the above packages (if bought together) or items can be purchased separately:

Dive Belt (no cost)

Sealife External Flash (can be used with digital camera) $65

SeaQuest Shortie Thermal Dive Suit (large) ($45)

SSA Lycraskin Dive Suit (size 18/20 – large) ($55)

O’Neill lycraskin Dive Suite (size 10 T – medium) $55 

Poseidon Dive Gear Bag (large enough to carry 2 sets of scuba gear: BC vests, regulators & Fins) ($45)


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