Cousteau At 107

June is Jacques Cousteau Month.  He was born in June 1910 and we celebrate his contributions to Diving this month.


Watch a video of some of the fantastic thing he did HERE

Jim Stewart - Scuba Pioneer Has Died

Jim Stewart of the Scripps Institute taught many of the worlds scientist of his era to dive,  He opened the oceans to the scientific community.

He died June 7 of natural causes.


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Wreck Diving Report for May 28 & 29 Dives

Slow start, great end.


Our wreck trip to NC did not have the greatest start.  Conditions were 3 to 5 foot sees, partly cloudy, and brisk winds.


Saturday -  the ride out was choppy.  The seas were only 3 to 5 foot but the frequency made it more uncomfortable than usual.  More than one diver opted to fee the fish.

With the seas and about 25 to 35 feet of visibility the decision was made to dive the Shurz both times.  As usual there was a lot of fish life, especially the smaller schooling types.  It was fund to swim through them and have a hole open as you passed through.  With a water temperature of about 80 degrees the dives were very comfortable.  Lots of sharks and only a few Lion Fish


Sunday -  Though the ride out was choppy again the fish feeding dropped to nothing as the appropriate medications were used to make for a more comfortable trip.  We started with the Spar as things didn't sound too good further out.  The Aeolis already had a boat on it so we opted to get our own wreck, the Spar.  Visibility was about the same as Saturday.  Lots of fish plus a number of rays.  Sharks were there as usual, but not as many.
Radio reports said the U-352 had 75 feet of visibility so we motored even further out in the search for better water.  We found it.  The water turned bluer and eve warmer.  In we went.  Though the sub is 112 foot deep, at 60 feet I could see the sub stretched out before me.  Visibility was very good and a lot of the divers had never been on the sub before.  A great way to end the weekend.

The highlight was a stowaway on the boat.  One of the divers brought a large Queen Conch shell back aboard.  Inside was a very nice sized octopus.  Once he made his escape from the shell he scurried across the deck searching for a way back to the sea.  Some helpful prodding by the divers guided him to the stern where he left us without even waving goodbye.  Oh well, not a very sociable passenger.

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