Dive Bonaire For One Week Or Two Weeks This Winter

Pompano Beach - November 11, 12, & 13

Join us for a great weekend of diving on the east coast of Florida.  This area is known as the Wreck Capitol of Florida Diving.  Many ships have been sunk here to create a fantastic dive experience.  Many of the wrecks have been decorated with a theme such as a casino and a dive Bar.  Look for statues and artifacts added for fun and enjoyment.

Lots of diving plus group dinner Saturday night and lunch on Sunday.

Our planned itinerary


Captain Dan – 175 ft long CG Tender sitting upright in about 110 feet of water.  Lots of fish life

Okinawa – 107 ft long Army tug.  Dive range from 35 to 70 feet.  Decorated with a Dive Bar theme complete with a Mermaid.

Reef Dive – one of the many reefs in the area for the third dive. Lot of fish and close in.

Saturday –

Lady Luck – 324 foot long with dives ranging from 60 to 135 feet deep.  Made up to look like a Casino, there are octopus dealers, card sharks, and slot machines.  Enough variation and things to see for 2 dives

Group Dinner

Blue Heron Bridge – a real surprise dive in the Intercoastal Waterway.  Park at Phil foster Park in Riviera Beach and walk into the reef.  No boat ride needed here.  Shallow enough for two dives or you can opt to get a head start going home.  Lots of fish life.

Subs or sandwiches for Lunch


Bonaire - December 24th to 31st AND Bonaire - December 31st to January 7th 

Do One Week, The Other Week, or BOTH Weeks

Bonaire is a perennial favorite for us.  The fish life is unrivaled.  Lots of everything.  Parrot Fish, Grouper, Damsel Fish, the list is endless.  Many other species such as turtles, eels, squid, seahorses, crabs, lobster, and more.

Our resort is right at the best reef in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico.  Unlimited shore diving with nitrox for no extra charge.  Each condo gets a pickup truck to go shore diving.  Almost 100 dive sites on the island are accessible from land. We've included boat dives for the other spots.  Or, drop the boats and dive your heart out from shore.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable.  Included is Breakfast daily from the buffet.  Plus cooked to order eggs, omelettes and more.  Everyone agrees, Breakfast is sooo good it deserves to be capitalized.

As a treat, it's Christmas and New Year's.  Bonaire decorates for Christmas and shoots fireworks for New Years.  In the past we have enjoyed both activities.  How about a dive at midnight on the 31st to ring in the New Year underwater! You can watch the fireworks from below.  We know, we've done it before.

We'll be there for two weeks. You can join us for either week or both.